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From the research done by the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Oklahoma, lead by University of Texas assistant professor of computer science Murtuza Jadliwala,  it was demonstrated that people's passwords and other things that they type during a video conference meeting is not safe as Hackers could be able to guess their passwords and much more things by analyzing the body position and language of the person while on a video conferencing call.

The keys that are pressed by the user during using these platforms can be detected by analyzing the upper arm movement of the users with almost 93% accuracy.

From all the information using previous research, researchers developed a program that made word profiles using an English dictionary from the sequence of movements.

They have not used any sophisticated machine learning or AI technology to develop such a program, so this could be very easy for hackers to use this information against users.

During their research, certain issues were encountered by them some of which are listed below:

  • In the lab, the average accuracy was around 75%
  • System struggles with long sleeves rather than short sleeves
  • System faces problems when user have long hair covering their shoulders
  • It's difficult for the system to act for slow typers rather than fast typers.