Skizzle is a chrome extension to securely share file attachments over email with end-to-end encryption, built by decentralized storage platform

We are thrilled to announce Skizzle is the latest application to integrate with the Matic blockchain and DirectAuth by Torus Labs.

There is a special $600 USDT giveaway campaign mentioned below.

Skizzle helps users have complete control and visibility over their files, who they share it with, who accessed it, and when access was revoked. The access permissions are securely managed on the blockchain, with Skizzle’s implementation of decentralized IDs and access control.

With its privacy by design approach, Skizzle wants to democratise privacy and make it easy for everybody to use.

How does it work?

2 min Skizzle Demo Video

Matic network has onboarded skizzle to its mainnet and is now live. Integrating with Matic has given Skizzle fast and scalable transactions with competitive transaction fees that helps skizzle be performant and secure in managing file sharing and permissions.

Torus brings google authentication allowing users to securely create and manage their keys without the hassle of handling it themselves. Key management is a major UX hurdle, especially for sending encrypted communication since the receiver already needs to be an existing user. Torus makes this experience seamless, similar to what the users are already accustomed to, with Torus DirectAuth integration.

600 USDT Crypto Giveaway Contest:

To raise awareness of the launch, 25 lucky users are randomly rewarded with wallets preloaded with a prize, and stand to win from a pool of 600 USDT. You can try for a second attempt to receive a new wallet.

Prizes are:

  • One wallet with 100 USDT
  • Four wallets with 50 USDT
  • Ten wallets with 20 USDT
  • Ten wallets with 10 USDT

Steps to participate:

  1. Follow @SkizzleDotEmail, @maticnetwork, @TorusLabs
  2. Like and retweet the announcement tweet.
  3. Go to Skizzle’s website here  and signup with your gmail address.
  4. You will receive an email with a skizzle encrypted keystore file of a wallet along with it's password. Install the skizzle chrome extension to decrypt the file. You can now import this file to metamask or a tool of your choice and check if you have won any USDT.
  5. You can try again for a second attempt, and the instructions for which will be shown after the first attempt.

Contest will last until 11:59:59PM UTC on 27th.

If you have any feedback or require support, please join the telegram group here: or email on